Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Transportation Taking Its Toll on Texas Drivers

Which way do you take to get to and from work or school? Do you take the highways? Or the toll ways? Since the toll ways have been opened, thousands and thousands of people travel down those paths each day to avoid traffic and traffic lights. Many of those drivers have already own a TxTag, which pay their tolls electronically – without having to slow down or stop at a toll booth. Devices above the toll lanes read an electronic signal from the tag, and toll charges are automatically deducted from a prepaid toll account. This method saves drivers time and eliminates the hassle of searching for change and the wait time at toll booths. A good number of drivers still resort to the old-fashioned way of stopping at toll booths and paying by quarters. However, many drivers who use the TxTag lanes without having a TxTag are unaware of the fact that they will be billed for their toll way violations. In my opinion, the public should be made more aware about toll ways rules and violations. I believe that these toll ways are made not only to help drivers save time, but they are also made to put a toll on the drivers' pockets.

For the complete article: Tollway design generating rash of violations


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